à l'occasion de la Coupe du Monde du Football 2010                        

                        SHORT AND SWEET PRAYERS

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the people i cannot change,
the courage to change the one i can, and the wisdom to know that one is me. Amen.


Lord, when they're put to the test, may our team do their best.

Put your mantle of care over all who are there.
The players, the coaches, spectators, fan, all.
We pray to you Lord from " Chruch on the ball. "

Lord let us not think that in the game we play with you the ball is permanently in your court.
You pass the ball to us and the next move to play is ours. Amen.

Lord you have said that where two or three are gathered you are amongst them.
May every team be conscious of your presence in their midst and play according to youre rules and so give you glory. Amen.

Lord teach us to play not only to win but to enjoy the game and help others to enjoy it.
May our competitive spirit not hurt others but bring out the best in us all.
Whatever the outcome is may we be humble winners and good losers. Amen.

Lord, i abandon myself into your hands.
I am willing to receive what you give.
I am willing to lack what you with-hold.
I am willing to relinquish what you take.
I am willing to suffer what you inflict.
I am willing to be what you require ! Amen.


Lord God, you are the referee of all humanity.
Give us the spirit of fairness.
Help us to rid ourselves of our meanness of heart and smallmess of mind.
Make us able to see the rights of others.
Help us not to judge others falsely and to treat everyone as we ourselves want to be trated. Amen.

Lord, human history which is for us a long game,
is for you a great liturgy, a prodigious ceremony, initiated at the dawn of time,
which will end only when the last celebrant has completed his final rite.
In the world we each have our place.
You, Lord, the far sighted coach have planned it for us.
It isn't the position i hold that is important Lord,
But the contribution and dynamism of my presence ;
What difference, whether i am forward or back,
spectator or player as long as i am fully what i should be ?


We love our game of soccer, Lord,
We play it in our street with boys and girls, all ages too,
We play in our bare feet.
No boots or jerseys do we have,
We're short of funds you know
I pray that you will help us out
We want our team to grow.